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The items bought are non returnable, unless they are damaged beyond repair.


Custom orders are fully non refundable after the purchase of materials is made. 

The order will be completed and shipped in the span of 1 to 4 weeks. 

If you are commissioning for an 18+ items, I have the right to ask for ID. If the buyer is proven to be under 18 I have every right to refuse to provide any services.

If you are a minor attempting to purchase 18+ items, there will be an instant ban on the shop. This is to provide safety to me and my shop.

If the item is lost and the postal services have came to no conclusion Celestial Vixen Creations is always happy to offer a remake of the item for free of any charge or offer something of the same value.

Shipping charges will apply.

Loss of Items

What if my item is falling apart?

We understand that sometimes with wear the items may start falling apart, and depending on the condition some we will be more than happy to fix and others we may be able to replace. Feel free to get in contact about the repairs as most will be done free of charge. (Shipping costs may apply)


Shipping time varies from country to country. I am able to give a rough estimate, but I cannot guarantee that the item will be delivered in the time estimate.

Once the item leaves me, I hold no responsibility towards any further customs payments. If the item is not delivered with tracking provided, you will be responsible to reach out to your shipping carrier.


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