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Here at Celestial Vixen Creations we dearly value our customers and their interests and this means we do offer custom designs. 

All of our Chokers will fit all neck sizes but, if there is a design you really want but can't seem to find anything you like, we will be always more than happy to provide to our customers and create an item of their expectations no matter how complicated.

We also love and Value our Plus Sized customers so do not be scared to ask for larger sizes! It will all be free of extra costs! <3

Feel free to drop us an email or an instagram message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hand Crafted With Love



Vinyl Stickers



All Handmade with Love


At the start of 2020 Celestial Vixens was started as a small hobby, and something new to try.

Now as time has gone on, we have served lots of customers and try to provide the best services possible. All the items here are created and designed by us, with extra love and care, they are all looking for a new home.

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